CYBIR joins the MOXFIVE Partner Ecosystem

CYBIR is excited to announce our partnership with MOXFIVE , a technical advisory firm specializing in cybersecurity and information technology.  The MOXFIVE platform brings together strategic partners specializing in specific areas of Cybersecurity from security posture to threat detection to incident response.  CYBIR joins the MOXFIVE Partner Ecosystem as experts in forensic analysis well as managed security services. 

In a recent press release, Jim Aldridge, Vice President or Partnerships at MOXFIVE explains that “The MOXFIVE Partner Ecosystem enables us to deliver the full scope of strategy, technology, and hands-on-keyboard assistance our clients need to get their businesses back to operational.  With resources ranging from forensic analysts and an array of IT engineering disciplines to critical security products like EDR and MFA, MOXFIVE is an ‘easy button’ for organizations facing challenges at the intersection of business and technology.”

CYBIR’s proactive approach to Cybersecurity offers a diversified set of solutions designed to anticipate an attack before the threat actor can execute.  In the case of a breech, the CYBIR team will provide prompt incident response to mitigate the threat as well as industry leading digital forensics to understand extent of the situation.  Our capabilities, combined with MOXFIVE’s exclusive Partner Network ensures that customers can minimize the business impact of a Cyber Incident and continue to focus on their core capabilities.


MOXFIVE is a specialized technical advisory firm founded to help minimize the business impact of cyber-attacks. With deep roots in incident response and corporate IT, MOXFIVE strives to be the go-to technical resource for our clients. Whether responding to an attack or hardening their environment, our Technical Advisors help organizations of all types solve their most challenging technology-related problems by providing technical expertise at scale.