Breach Response

Our approach is simple and efficient. It allows us to quickly get the necessary answers of how the attack happened, what systems were impacted, what data was viewed / accessed / exfiltrated and what steps need to be taken to ensure it does not happen again. Our goal is to get you through the Incident and back to business with the least interruption. Through every step of the process, we work hand and hand with your Breach Counsel to ensure they remain apprised of the situation and can offer you their best legal guidance. No matter the situation, CYBIR is available to assist. Some of the common Incidents we are called to handle include Ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Insider Threat, Denial of Service and Data Exfiltration.

Remote Live Response Collection and Triage

Allows our team to begin assisting you immediately instead of hours or days later, avoiding unnecessary travel. Includes full forensic image and analysis of identified critical endpoints.

Endpoint Detection and Response / Managed Detection

Deploying Endpoint Detection and Response / Managed Detection and Response software to preform threat analysis and hunting while providing a layer of protection for the environment

IT Remediation

A dedicated team of highly trained and specialized IT assets are available to be deployed to your location to begin decrypting endpoints, restoring systems, rebuild and bring the network back up to functional.

Security Assessment

Anyone who has been through a breach knows they never want to experience on again. Our team will work to identify security vulnerabilities and the attack surface of your network so that your network is left more secure then it was prior the incident