At a Glance
  • CISSP Certified
  • OSCP Certified
  • CFCE Certified
  • CCME Certified

Bringing together proactive Cyber Security Solutions while supporting those in their moment of need during Incident Response. Formerly DFDR Consulting, with a continued core focus on a full suite of in-house cyber security, digital forensic and data recovery expertise, honed for litigation support, eDiscovery and expert witness services.

We have assembled a team of Subject Matter Experts, focusing on navigating complex data security and privacy frameworks to ensure your data remains protected and your organization stays compliant. Whether your need is Cyber Security Policy and Framework, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Environment Hardening, Fully Managed Security through MDR/EDR, Incident/Breach Response or needing an industry recognized expert witness in digital forensics, we are CYBIR and we are available to help!

How Can We Help You?

Our team of experts and breadth of services uniquely position us to support a variety of industries. Read more below about the industries we serve and how we can help your organization.


Whether it is providing training at Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) School of Cyber, navigating a Business Email Compromise, responding to a Ransomware or Breach Event, CYBIR is a pre-approved, trusted and go to advisor for Cyber Insurance Carriers


Industry recognized for our expertise consulting with Breach Coaches on proactive Cyber Security and reactive Digital Forensic needs while also being a go to for litigation support and serving in the court room as your Expert Witness.

Compliance Driven

Navigating the ever evolving security frameworks and privacy regulations, CYBIR’s team of subject matter experts has consulted with countless organizations to ensure they remain compliant.

Service Providers

Through strategic partnerships, CYBIR has allowed service providers to leverage our unique skillsets. Are you an eDiscovery provider looking for a vendor to perform forensic collections? How about an IT Managed Services Provider desiring to protect your clients with a suite of Managed Security Services? Legal counsel focusing on litigation requiring the expertise of a Digital Forensics Expert? Accountant, Lawyer, Medical provider that knows the data you hold is the most valuable and vulnerable information you poses? Let us show you how we can add value.