Managed Security Services Provider

Let us supplement your IT team as their Security Counterpart or serve as your organization’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Whether it is an annual Penetration Test or ongoing managed services such as Endpoint Detection and Response, Managed Detection and Response, Phishing Monitoring and Remediation, Vulnerability Management or SIEM implementation and monitoring, we want to share our expertise in order to proactively protect your digital assets.

Penetration Testing

The secret to a successful engagement is not compromising or breaching a perimeter. It is the ability to deliver a customized report, providing the best possible professional guidance to you, our client. The security of your company and assets is paramount. Many times, an organization’s information and data are its most valuable assets. Guiding you through this process, ensuring that you have a long-term strategy to protect your organization is our focus.

CYBIR provides a custom report with data from numerous different platforms and tools at our disposal. Many firms will provide you with a standard report from a single software package. These reports provide little guidance that a client can understand easily. They are technical, confusing or esoteric in their presentation. These software generated reports show you graphs, charts and statistics that can easily overwhelm or distract from the data.

We use a wide range of tools, platforms and software. In fact, we generate many of those same reports as part of our work product, serving as supporting data. We provide the raw data and findings from multiple sources, specialized tools and packages. This data is cross-referenced and manually reviewed by our team, presented in the most efficient and coherent form possible. Our work product is driven by quality, expertise and exceptional results.

We collaborate with our client throughout the process. All findings are examined with decision makers directly during the reporting phase. We meet with the client to review the reporting package, assisting in strategy, metrics and planning. We believe you should expect this from your security consultants.

Endpoint Detection and Response / Managed Detection and Response

  • Autonomous Threat Response – Implement policies per endpoint group to control automatic kill/quarantine response to malicious or suspicious activities
  • Rollback Capabilities – Solution leverages volume shadow copies to revert all system changes associated with suspicious or malicious activities on a protected system. Rollback feature has 1-click implementation and can be automated via protection policies.
  • Autonomous Threat Response – Implement policies per endpoint group to control automatic kill/quarantine response to malicious or suspicious activities
  • Device Control – Ability to limit or disable USB and Bluetooth connectivity on protected devices on a per policy basis.
  • Firewall Control – Ability to implement on device firewall policies to reduce attack surface or satisfy corporate policies
  • Remote Shell – Interactive remote shell to enable seamless interaction with endpoint to seamlessly facilitate threat hunting needs.
  • Flexibility – Windows/Linux/MacOS agents available
  • Customizable Telemetry Data Retention – 14 day standard, scalable to 365 days+ to meet any compliance requirements

Email Security, Phishing Remediation and Security Awareness Training

CYBIR delivers an advanced email security platform with machine learning capabilities. In addition to email security and phishing remediation, CYBIR is able to implement regular testing of employee security awareness via phishing campaigns. Security awareness training modules are also deployed to employees to ensure information security principles remain front of mind.

  • Alert users to issues with inline banners relaying context specific information
  • Impersonation Protection – Alert users to internal, vendor or VIP spoofed email impersonation attempts
  • URL and Malware Protection – On access URL scanning and file detonation
  • Company Wide Response Capabilities – Remove flagged emails from all company inboxes with 1 click functionality.
  • Fake Login Page Protection – Utilizes computer vision to alert users to spoofed login pages
  • Phishing Alert Button – Allow end users to submit suspicious emails for manual review
  • Customizable Phishing Campaigns
  • Security Awareness Training – Access to a full library of security training modules

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Allow us to serve as the face and voice of security for your organization. Our team is uniquely positioned where team members have backgrounds in Audit, Managed Services IT, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. These skillsets allow us to have a holistic view and approach to understanding your environment and ensuring the proper controls are in place to protect it as you would any other asset.


Vulnfinder, by CYBIR, provides the capabilities necessary to implement high frequency vulnerability scanning via lightweight scanners and agents for all network segments. Gone are the days of point in time one-off scans with vulnerability data that is difficult to operationalize. Vulnfinder has hundreds of pre-built and customizable reports and dashboards to meet the needs of the C-Suite, the compliance department and the various technical teams responsible for an organization’s technical assets. Remediating the highest impact vulnerabilities is streamlined through the use of vulnerability prioritization. Threat intelligence from numerous providers and machine learning algorithms are combined to alert you to the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited in the near future.

  • Highly customizable scanning schedules
  • Network scanning or agent-based assessment capabilities
  • Agent capabilities provide assessment coverage for assets that are seldomly at an office location
  • Management interface to seamlessly interact with vulnerability data
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Configuration audits to assess adherence to policies or compliance framework controls

Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS)

CYBIR has combined years of experience and relationship to deliver a comprehensive SOCaaS solution.

  • Managed Intrusion Detection System
  • Log Analysis and Search
  • Ingestion of Firewall, DNS, HTTP, Active Directory, Server and Endpoint Logs
  • Cloud connector integration for services such as Azure, AWS, Box, GSuite, Salesforce and more
  • Weekly Endpoint Reporting
  • EDR integration to enhance protection capabilities
  • Customizable Log Retention – 90 days standard, scalable to 10 years to meet necessary compliance requirements
  • No limits on log volume or rate limiting