National Business Institute – Injury Attorney’s Forensic Toolkit: Electronic Evidence and More

Program Description
Apply the Science of Injuries and Car Crashes to Your Case

Building a successful injury case means grasping not only the legal side of things, but the scientific aspects as well. In this unique program, expert and seasoned attorney faculty will show you how to use biomechanics, digital forensics, medicine, toxicology and forensic psychology to your advantage. Enhance your scientific literacy so you can handle evidence and expert testimony with confidence – register today!

Understand the limitations of accident reconstruction tools.
Learn how to apply digital forensic techniques when collecting or authenticating electronic evidence.
Hear what to look for in medical records, diagnostic testing results and autopsies.
Anticipate ways to challenge toxicology reports.
Get practical techniques for keeping junk science out of evidence.
Discover how to level the playing field when deposing or cross-examining experts.

Who Should Attend
This program is designed for attorneys. Insurance professionals and paralegals may also benefit.

DFDR Featured Faculty:

Smartphone and Computer Forensics
10:30 – 11:30, Michael M. Nelson
Data and Metadata – The Must-Knows
The Internet of Things
Data Collection and Examination
Location Data
Retrieving Hidden, Inaccessible or Deleted Data
Authentication and Admission

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