Forensics: Not Just For Crime Scenes

When you hear “forensics,” you may think of CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds or any of your other favorite crime shows. The meaning of forensics goes deeper than dramatic scripts and yellow caution tape. Digital forensics is a necessary service that more and more people are finding themselves using in this modern era of technology.

What is digital forensics?

Digital forensics is used to capture and examine evidence on digital devices, such as laptops and cellphones. Much like crime scene investigations, digital forensics is used during investigations after a cyber crime has occurred. Forensic findings can often explain how the crime transpired, who is the criminal and what can be used in a court of law.

Why is it important?

Cyber crimes are frightening and often mysterious. They come in several forms including invasion of privacy (stealing personal photos/information), identity theft, email scams and much more. Using a digital forensics service will ease some of your worries in the event that your private digital information is stolen. Understanding exactly what occurred during a cyber crime and what can be done to fix the damage will hopefully make you feel more secure when using the same technology in the future.

A technology breach is a serious offence and should be handled as such. If you decide to take legal action, digital forensics is essential. It will make your case stronger and provide the court with solid evidence of the crime that took place.

When and where should digital forensics be used?

Digital forensics should always be used in the case of a breach, especially if that breach happened in a workplace. It is important to a company’s security to know how and why a breach transpired and if it happened internally.

The cyber security service can also be used before a cyber crime is committed. If you notice any suspicious behavior on your personal devices or in your workplace, trust your gut and call a cyber security service! Bringing in experts before a crime is committed is the best way to prevent a potential cyber crime.

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