Facebook’s Controversy and Why You Should Care About Your Data


If you keep up with the news, you have likely heard of the recent Facebook data controversy. This is an issue that potentially impacts the cyber security of anyone who has a Facebook account. Let us help break it down for you.

What’s happening

The Wall Street Journal reported that in late March, Cambridge Analytica, a UK data firm with ties to the 2016 Trump campaign, received access to data from 50 million Facebook users without their consent. Though shocking, this may not come as a surprise to you. Facebook has a flawed past in their data security history.

In 2014, Facebook created stricter data access policies, yet it appears that apps and developers who had access to data prior to these policies changes still have some level of access to this day. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, admitted there are many steps that should be taken to gain back the trust of Facebook’s users.

Why it matters

Facebook is notorious for collecting large amounts of personal information. There’s a good chance that anyone who views your profile will be able to gather what you look like, your city of residence, place of work, gender, relationship status and so on. Facebook has taken steps to curb data collection, but what about other apps and sites you frequent?

It’s important for individuals, but especially businesses, to understand which apps and sites have access to data, so that confidential information cannot be breached. Cyber security should be paramount. If there is no attention payed to your cyber security and who has access to your data, your personal information could be in a vulnerable position.

What you can do

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure cyber security. Being cautious of the information you share is incredibly important. You should only share what you expect to be public knowledge. Take a look at any of your current app/site profiles. If there is information you would like to retract, take the time to do so.

If you have concerns about what is being done with your data through the apps you use, do your research and ask questions through the appropriate channels. If you feel you have stumbled across an app or site you cannot trust, go with your gut and cut all connections.

If you would like to take further steps, DFDR Consulting offers penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. There is no need for you to live in fear of being the next person affected by wrongful data collection. More questions? Feel free to contact us at dfdrconsulting.com or call us at 267-540-3337!