Police suspect former Easton Area School District employee Tom Drago accessed his colleague’s computers without their permission, copied documents that may have contained student information, made an unauthorized recording of a closed school board meeting, and may have taken photos of a female school employee’s breast, according to a search warrant filed by Forks Township Police.

Forks Township police began investigating Drago—who no longer works for the school district—earlier this year. Drago was in charge of technology for the school district for 11 years.

So far, Drago—who helped draft the district’s policy on acceptable use of technology and Internet before his resignation last year—has not been charged with any crime.

The warrant says Furst wrote to Superintendent Susan McGinley, concerned that Drago had remotely accessed his computer. The district had another employee examine Drago’s computer. She discovered that he had accessed McGinley’s laptops as well as those of seven other district employees.

When confronted, Drago first denied accessing anyone’s computer, the warrant says. Then he said he made a mistake. Then he said he had permission. The district suspended him with pay.

The warrant says the district began to dig deeper, and hired Miles Technologies [Partner of DFDR Consulting] to examine Drago’s computer.

Mike Nelson, founder of DFDR Consulting, confirmed the district’s earlier findings. Drago had accessed other employee’s computers hundreds of times without permission, and may have accessed and copied student files.

The examination also found 70 photos of nude women.

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