CVE-2017-17759: Conarc iChannel – Unauthenticated Access / Default Webserver Misconfiguration Allows for Compromise of Server

# Exploit Title: Conarc iChannel – Unauthenticated Access/Default Webserver Misconfiguration allows for compromise of server
# Date: 2017-12-19
# Exploit Author: Information Paradox
# CVE : CVE-2017-17759


The customized webserver used by iChannel is based on an outdated and
vulnerable version of WestWind Webserver. This page is available,
unauthenticated, to a malicious attacker.

By visiting this link, the attacker can access the webserver configuration
edit page. This page reveals sensitive information, allows for alteration
of the webserver configuration, upload/modification of the server’s
configuration and can result in a Denial of Service attack by deleting the

This has been acknowledged by Conarc and they have been notified of the
If your iChannel install is available publicly, this can result in complete
compromise of the server, the web application and severe information


Conarc has been notified of this issue. Until this issue is patched, the
affected installs should be removed from public access. In the case of
private deployments, this page should have an ACL applied to prevent
unauthenticated access to this page.